Join Us As An Apprentice

We have 6-step progression system to reach the status of Tit Tar Master by joining our apprenticeship programme. At Wah Toh Tit Tar, we do not discriminate age, gender, race or even level of education. This means that anyone can choose to join us and pursue a career in the practice of Tit Tar. Our apprenticeship programme leads you to know everything about Tit Tar, as well as Wah Tor Tit Tar, so that you can embody our culture as well as practices.

Progression Chart


When you sign up in our Tit Tar apprenticeship programme, you will first go through 2 weeks of attachment where you will be assigned to shadow our Master. Throughout this period, you will learn the culture of Wah Toh Tit Tar as well as how our Master interacts with our patients, as well as the conduct of a Tit Tar Master. You will be required to closely observe and absorb the environment and learn through showing. After this attachment period, you will then progress to learn while working at the Front Desk.

Front Desk

Once you have progressed to this stage, you will take on the role at the reception area for 1 month. You will learn the administrative process of Wah Toh Tit Tar. This is so that you can understand all aspects of Wah Toh Tit Tar, which includes interacting with patients. This role includes the task of registration, handling enquiries, recommending food for the healing process of patients, and the important task of record keeping. Once you have completed this stage, you will then go on to become an assistant to the Master.


This stage is where you will learn how to assist the Master in bonesetting. This process will take 1 month where you will prepare topical medication/poultice for our patients, prepare supplies for treatment and setup the area for the Master to work on the patient. This is important to know what goes into providing a holistic treatment for our patients. Once this stage is completed, you will then move on to becoming an Assistant Practitioner.

Tit Tar Junior Practitioner

Once you have reached this stage, you will be required to carry out minor bone manipulation tasks, treat minor injuries and perform massage therapy for our patients. Because Wah Toh Tit Tar carries out practical training, the period for this stage may last for 6 months to 1 year, or depending on how accurate you are in your practice and upon the green light from the Master to move on to the last stage.

Tit Tar Senior Practitioner

As a senior practitioner, this is your practical part where you will be tasked to carry out bone manipulation and embody the true practice of Tit Tar and work as a Senior Practitioner at Wah Toh Tit Tar under the tutelage of the Master. Throughout this period, you will accumulate your years of experience to become a Tit Tar Master.

Tit Tar Master

After an accumulation of 4 years in the practice of Tit Tar, you will be qualified to be called a Wah Toh Tit Tar Master.

If you are interested to join as a Wah Toh Tit Tar Apprentice Program, please fill up our enquiry form below or call any of our centres.