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About WTTT

Christopher Leong is the founder and chief physician of wttt.com.my, he belongs to the family member of the illustrious Leong family of Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners.

About the Founder

Christopher received his training as a boy from his parents, Lawrence Leong Swee Lun and Seow Foong Thye. Lawrence Leong is a disciple of Grand Master Cheah Kan, the former head of Military Defense of the Replublic of China, whreas Seow Foong Thyereceived tutelage from the Army’s head Physician, Grand Master Tan Pak.

Starting his tutelage in Tit Tar, or Chinese bone-setting at the tender age of seven, Christopher began diagnosing and treating his patients by the time he was  fourteen under the expert guidance of his parents.

Christopher later expanded his knowledge by delving into the science of sports medicine in the Beijing university of Sports, thereby diagnosing Sports injuries and dispensing Sports massage under the famed Chinese Medicine expert Master Wong.

With the best of two worlds under his belt life-long training from both his parents and intensive training in Sports medicine with Master Wong, Christopher founded and established WTTT, a centre of Traditional Chinese Medicine bone setting provider.

Christopher has travelled far and wide to promote his special brand of Traditional Chinese Medicine, most recently to the USA, Africa, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

We are inspired by Ancient Healer, Master Wah Toh

Master Wah Toh is the name of a famous and foremost expert of Chinese medicine, bone-setting and acupuncture of China during the years of 200 A.D. of the Han Dynasty ruling period.

Master Wah Toh was appointed as head personal physician to a military warlord named Cho Chou, whose claim to fame was his unbeatable combative prowess and excellent form in the battlefield. Cho Chou was also well-known as the arch nemesis to another famed contemporary warlord of the time, Kuan Kung (who has since been beatified as a God of War deity in the Chinese pantheon).

Master Wah Toh’s expertise in healing his lord Cao Cao gained him instant fame throughout the vast lands of China. His skills in the manipulation of the limbs are now legendary, as are his methods of bone-setting and acupuncture.

His unsurpassed wisdom and knowledge of the body structure has since then brought him immortality – today, Master Wah Toh is continually revered as one of the founding fathers of Chinese medicine. Master Wah Toh is also thought to be the creator of Tit Tar.

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